Wednesday, December 5, 2007

UPDATE: Mohn Musack

The famous person never came. The tickets just sat there sadly. I wept.

But, I did meet another famous-ish person who was very nice.

I'll give you a hint: Her name starts with L and ends with ili Taylor.

So. Yeah. Both disappointment and surprise mixed into one evening. Like a Chekhov play!


Conbon said...

She was in "Say Anything"! You basically met him!

mathnet said...

Moan cries when Mohn lies.

Kari said...

That will never be me, that will never be me. No. Never. And don't you even think it.

fracturedacetabulum said...

His loss. But totally your gain for meeting ili. She was awesome in Dogfight.

Kristi said...

@Conbon: Ah, but how many moves does it take you to get from her to Kevin Bacon?