Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So apparently Californians not only select the wrong governor, they also select the wrong beauty pageant winner.

Poor Christina Silva, who lived for one glorious, be-tiara-ed week as Miss California USA, had to relinquish the title to the far better named Raquel Beezley, after an accounting error was discovered.

Miss Beezley, who represents the eerie, haunted Californian moon colony of Barstow, will continue on to compete in Miss USA.

Mz. Silva, I imagine, will drive her Ford Taurus wagon off of Mulholland Drive "by accident", wearing the crown, sash, and necklace that she was kindly allowed to keep.

Wrong Woman Named Pageant Winner [CNN.com]


Nick said...

Also, due to an accounting error, the San Fernando Valley exists. The State of California regrets the error and will work diligently to rectify the mistake.

Strong One said...

Mistakes happen. If I were the judge, I wouldn't even hear the case. I'd give her a good tongue lashing and send her home...tell her to grow-up. What a cry baby!!Entitlement mentailty!! Typical low-life mentailty.

Strong One said...

I'm sick of all these cry babies getting their way in our society. We need to start holding people accountable.