Monday, December 3, 2007

Talia Shire is a Great Big Star

Except, she's not.

But, I bet that got your attention!! Did it??? No? You don't care? Oh.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is Gawker. I know that's awful, and lame, but big things are going down, are they not?

The way I feel about it is this:

1) I would like $55,000 a year to say funny things.
2) BUT! I love my job for Gawker Media Advertising Sales Power Unit. They're good folk.
3) That's why I have this piece of shit.

When I was younger and in nursery school, there was this kid, whose name I can't remember, who cried everyday on his way into school, and cried everyday on his way out. I guess it seems a bit like that, no? I mean, one time I forgot to wear a change of shoes when I wore my rain galoshes. That day sucked. Another time I wet my pants and had to wear "school pants". That doubly sucked. But I didn't cry when I got there, and I didn't cry when I left. You know why?

Avon Barksdale knows why. He says (of prison):

"There are only two days: The day you come in, and the day you go out."

So, yeah. Right? Let's treat that with a little dignity.

I am being roundabout here. Apologies.

Never, ever leave me, k?

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