Thursday, December 13, 2007

Golden Globes Nominations Announced!

Round about the time the Broadcast Film Critics Association announces their meaningless list of nominees, you know that the Golden Globes can't be far behind. And, like clockwork, here they are a day or so later!

Most of the movie choices are unsurprising. Though I don't understand why Laura Linney hasn't been getting much recognition for her wonderful work in The Savages. I thought she stood out more than her estimable co-star. I think the biggest thing of note is that there are seven nominees for Best Female Lead in a Drama Series. I think that's pretty great news for women on television, that they are headlining some of the better stuff being made, so much so that the HFPA has to add two extra places. So, cheers to you ladies. Now take your shoes off and relax, you're pregnant.

So here we go, hurtling on ahead until it all comes to a grinding halt on February 24th, 2008 when this year's Oscars are announced. Ah, the most wonderful, depressing time of year.

Get ur offiss poolz goin!!1!

Full List of Nominees


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Koala325 said...

No love for Before the Devil Knows You're Dead?

I haven't seen everything here yet, but this was my favorite film in recent months.

Anonymous said...

Is "The Savages" as good as "Savages"?