Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Never, Ever Diet

As those of you who know me or are close enough to smell me are aware, I basically eat two foods: cheese and potatoes. Be they fried, melted, mashed, or pumped into my veins with an IV, I just can’t get enough of them. Thank god they’re both really, really good for you. Now, cheese is usually cheese. Served just as is. But, there are many things to do with the potato! Which is why I found this list of mashed potato recipes so important and hungry-making.

Most importantly, there is something called the Mashed Potato Taco. It is likely a harbinger of the Rapture and I would very much like to eat it. So please make some and email one to me.

We're able to do that now, right?


Top 11 Mashed Potato Recipes [AOL]

P.S. This post also brings up the deeper, darker, more urgent question of why I am constantly on, but I’ll save that explanation for another post.


Lady Artemisia Frontbottom said...

you're gonna be fat and unloveable! Sucka!

Hez said...

That link was everything my Irish side hoped it would be. (And so is this booze.)

Kristi said...

That link led me to a series of recipes for bacon-based goodness. If bacon/brown sugar candy turns out to taste as good as it sounds, I'm making a pilgrimage to bring you some. Unless the pork products are prohibited on airplanes these days. I can't keep up, anymore.

Nick said...

Call me crazy, but the combination of mashed potatoes and chocolate cake are a far worse affront to the Lord above than mixing dairy and meat.*

*(Applies to Jews only)

Anonymous said...

htotheomo here - This is why Cincinnati finally explodes.

Blogger has become the tool of Google; I hate it. I can't get to my own site.

Anonymous said...

The greatest food ever is Vortex Fondue at The Vortex in Atlanta. It consists of tator tots and cheese dip. wo great tastes that taste great together indeed.