Friday, December 21, 2007


Sometimes reruns of The Simpsons cut little bits out to shorten the run time. Occasionally it's the funniest joke of the episode. In tonight's case it was the funniest gag in "Trilogy of Error." So, I'll print it here to give it some justice.

Homer: Linguo... dead?

Linguo: Linguo IS dead.

So. There ya go.


tony said...

Off topic, but:
OMG I just read your comment
"I would like a friend"
over on Gawker and I can't stop laughing.
luv u!

DorothyMantooth said...

That's hilarious -- I actually said that line last night as the episode began, and then was totally bummed when they didn't run it! Son of a diddley!

Caitlin said...

that IS the best joke in that episode! thanks for the reminder.

longtime reader, first time caller!