Monday, December 10, 2007

A Great Place To Stuff Your Face

My roommate's sister is in town for a few days, and last night we all went to dinner. Now, I'm not really much of a "foodie" (or much of a person who likes the term "foodie"), so I kind of left the restaurant decisions up to Rose and Molly, who both work at nice restaurants and can tell the difference between foie gras and a pile of poop. (I do realize that using the word poop in a restaurant "review" may not be the best idea. But, oh well. Poop.)

So, Rose suggested Little Dishes, a place in our neighborhood that she'd been to before and liked. Well, it was delicious. Comfortable, unpretentious atmosphere, and a friendly, knowledgeable (and kinda cute?) server.

We ate:

  • Cheese Plate - three cheeses with house-made fig & almond cake
  • Hen of the Woods Mushroom Salad - arugula, radicchio and Uplands Pleasant Ridge cheese
  • Cream of Parsnip Soup w/ Bacon and Apple
  • Prosciutto Americano - with Macintosh apple, Bayley Hazen Blue cheese & Pine nut salad
  • Pan Roasted Duck Breast - with sautéed broccoli rabe & fresh plum & red wine veal sauce
  • Mac & Cheese - cheddar, parmesan, gruyere & breadcrumb topping
  • Caramel Bread Pudding - with roasted pecans
Yum! It was just the right amount of food, because most of them were, you know, little dishes. With a bottle of Rioja, we got out of there for about $60 each. Which is a lot, and I normally never spend that much on food, but it felt really worth it and I definitely recommend you go for a special occasion or something. Or, a regular occasion if you're rich. In which case, you have to take me.

Bone app a teet.

Little Dishes


Conbon said...

Is it weird for you if I still comment here? Since you're totally in love with me now and stuff?

DorothyMantooth said...

Now I see why you weren't so enthused by my fish & chips offer.

*weeps silently in corner*

Casey said...

After laughing over your comments on Gawker for months, I've now followed you to your blog. And while that makes me out to appear like much more of a stalker than I actually am (kind of), the fact that you're blogging about a restaurant that I love has driven me to break my silence. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

generalmills said...

I can't share at restaurants. I know people say it comes from growing up in meager circumstances and not wanting to share a meal for fear that it may be your last, but I like to think of it as good-ole selfishness.

fuck tapas.

Cesare the Somnambulist said...

Hey, are you over near the cemetery? I love Green-Wood.

Another good Brooklyn restaurant is reviewed here:

Hez said...

Hen of the Woods sounds like a great nickname for Conbon.

On account of how geigh he is.

Lee said...

Ah, cheeese...I envy your ability to digest so well.