Friday, December 28, 2007

The End Of The Affair

Isn't it sad when a vacation is almost over? Especially around Christmas. The excitement leading up the 25th is so great! And then you wake up on the 26th and everything is different, slowed, depressingly hushed. I'm still in Boston, but will be returning to New York tomorrow with a friend in tow. We'll be celebrating New Year's at a party in Brooklyn. Cheers to avoiding Manhattan on busy busy New Year's Eve.

5 things that happened over this vacation:

1) My cat Solo died. He had lymphoma and was very sick and basically starving. My parents found him curled up in the basement on Christmas Eve morning. It is sad, but he was always a loner and a bit skiddish (until the end, when he became much more friendly) so I never really had a great bond with him. Still, we all miss him and realize how strange it is to have a living creature sitting on the couch with you, purring, one day, and then completely gone the next.

2) I got two great coats that make me feel like a grown-up.

3) I've decided to join the gym and lose weight.

4) I saw Me And You And Everyone We Know and it was weird and delightful and very much just a filmed poem.

5) The Christmas tree kept falling down so my dad got a new stand and it worked very well. It is the biggest tree we've ever had.

How was your holiday?


PimpMyCouch said...

I'm sorry about your cat! But I'm happy for your new coats. Xmas in Canadia was snowy (kind of!) and booze-filled. I echo your gym-going sentiment. See you at Gawker in the New Year (hopefully?)

Chris said...

The guy who recommended Me, You to me kinda reminds me of you, friend.

Let's poop back and forth forever.

Mike Jack said...

This is going to sound weird but I'm alarmed at how nice you are/seem on this blog--I guess I'm so used to people cracking each other's skulls against rocks in the blogosphere, that it takes me aback when someone just sort of talks about stuff in a non harsh way. My condolences on your kitty and my Christmas was as always, bittersweet.

Tali said...

To affirm what Mike Jack said, though I have loved Gawker for some time now, the reason I clicked through to your blog was I was taken aback by how generous you are of spirit.

My Christmas (here in New Zealand - its summer, but cold) was way too much work. And our tree fell twice.
Next year we'll invite noone and get KFC.

Sorry 'bout Solo. x

chrysanthemum said...

In lieu of having children to make us feel old, let's rejoice that apparel can do the trick!

Also, be wary of year-long commitments to gyms. I am still locked into one and haven't gotten my highnie on an eliptical machine since June.

And can you please use the word highnie a few times soon! Thx!

oovy said...

Oh I am very sad about your cat. Because cats, they make the world a happy place. Oh, and a proper thank you for my major award!

Andy 3000 said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. We had to put down the family dog this morning, so I (think I) know how you feel.

Look forward to lurking in Gawker comments, reading your brilliant posts, in the new year.

Trixie from Toronto said...

I hear you on the cat grief. I lost two in two years -- brutal.

I also hear you on the falling Christmas tree front. I have been wrestling with mine for three weeks. Can't wait to take it down on New Year's Eve day.

Get another kitty ... it's the only way.

Happy New Year!

Barbara jE. said...

Our beloved Siamese Chloe was tentatively diagnosed w/lymphoma toward the end of June. She died in the night 3 days later before a scheduled round of tests. We were with her through the night. Our other 2 cats yowled as Chloe died.

We adopted another female Siamese in mid-July. It helped.

Merry & Happy.

BinkysDream said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. One ours is 17, and getting pretty frail. It'll be really tough when she goes.

And good luck at Globo Gym. Once you get used to the routine it can be a lot of fun (honestly!).

Andy 3000 said...
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leafdot said...

Me & You & Everyone We Know is just one of those movies, I think. I rented it one day and then I had to go out and buy it. I still have a hard time getting other people to watch it, though.

She has a collection of short stories, too, which is a pleasant read. They're a little more harsh than the movie, but there's still a generous underlying sympathy.

I'll join the others in offering condolences for your cat.