Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Beauty and the Geek: Fin

Also on the television last night, as previously mentioned, was the stirring finale to the ridiculously wonderful Beauty and the Geek. Since they announced that the ultimate decision would, for the first time, be “up to America”, it was pretty much a no brainer that Dave and Jasmine would win. Sam and Nicole were just too manufactured by the producers, whereas Dave is a Larper who wears high pulled tube socks and clunky black walking shoes and Jasmine’s head is full of newspaper and old melon rinds. But, both are very sweet and really did seem to make genuine changes on their journey through the show.

Some of you may not believe it, but it really is great television. There’s really no drunken debauchery, no crazy fighting, no sexy sexy hook-ups. I mean, there is fighting and hooking up and all that but it’s done with remarkable graciousness and in a very friendly way. Really, the show is about people befriending those they wouldn’t normally and learning and growing and getting make-overs both inside and out. I really can’t articulate what exactly it is that makes the show so funny and oddly touching, but… it is. So, watch next season. I definitely will.

Congrats to you, Dave and Jasmine. Dave, I hope you can get a new broadsword and maybe some pants that aren’t shorts. Jasmine, I wish you good luck and great fun with the third grade.

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Anne said...

See, this is just too close to home. My boyfriend and I are relatively normal people, and yet a few months ago, we had to attend the wedding of his aunt to a hardcore LARPer. They were married in "medieval" fantasy costumes and passed around pictures of themselves (again, in costume) at a ren fair. I thought I was going to be drunk and it was going to be funny, but really, I just wanted to kill myself. So that's why I can't watch this show!