Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Future May Not Be Dead

The writer’s strike has been scary. The Office is gone, 30 Rock isn’t far behind, and my precious, precious Lost may have a truncated 4th season (if a season at all.) So, it was with great joy that I saw this article that says the strike may be coming to a close. It also divulged some interesting tidbits about writers’ salaries. Apparently the mean income is around $62k a year. That’s pretty good! But, the writers of course don’t think so when that figure is measured against how much the industry as a whole profits off of their sweat, blood, tears, Hawaiian shirts, and prostituted MFAs in playwriting. Sigh. May this horrible, horrible tragedy (the worst in our planet's 6,000 year history) soon come to a close.


Conbon said...

(Btw, the link isn't working)

Ready for some math? The deal they are considering now is worth an additional $130 million over 3 years. There are 12,000 (give or take) members of the WGA. $130 mil/12,000 = $10,833.33. That's over 3 years, so %10,833.33/3 = $3611.11 per person, per year.

I'm completely in solidarity with the writers, but if they almost killed TV over an extra $3600 a year, they are very very dumb.

Crystal said...

Conbon, is that true? I thought they were at least gonna get a free ipod or a coupon for $10 off at Bickford's. Writers are clearly not taking the cue from Hedge Fund Brokers if those are the kinds of dollars they're making us suffer for.

Well...I guess it's the principle of the thing.

Conbon said...

$62,000/52 weeks = 1192.31

5 weeks of striking x $1192.31 = $5,961.55 in lost wages.

I'm not attacking anyone's principles. I don't see how $130 million over 3 years is an acceptable resolution at this point, unless the negotiating committee feels very principled over not paying rent.

The Venn diagram of "principles of artistic integrity" and "internet residual negotiations" has very little overlap. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but this is a move that serves neither purpose. It seems to me that the WGA has lost their nerve, which is unfortunate.

Michelle said...

My peeps say it will end within the next ten days. However... these were the same people that for nearly three weeks told me that 'the stagehands strike will end tonight'

Whatever happens.... I'm going to be mighty pissed when my Wednesday nights at 9pm are Gossip Girl free.