Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What's Been Lost

Don't know if anyone's still reading this, but here I am. I'm back, I swear! A Project Runway & gossipgirl (upper case g is broken!) post awaits you in the future if you're still checking this damn thing. Though, you've probably long ago shaken your head at the new site (I won't say which!) and said "What's to be done with this LolCait??"



Andy 3000 said...

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Tali said...

This post elicits the same feeling I always get when I read your musings.

Vocalised it goes "aww..sweetie..."

PimpMyCouch said...

I still read! Every day! Please post Gossip Girl stuff - you won't be disappointed in the episode.
Yeah that's right - in Canadia we get it one day ahead! Boo-yah!
Don't let the haters get you down, love.

Cesare said...

It is pretty likely that the same actor played both Cordelia and the Fool, which is somehow apt!


KING D****N.
Dost thou call me fool, boy?

All thy other titles thou hast given away; that thou wast born with.


May we all come and visit you here this Friday night, or will it hurt your servers? Everyone misses you. You must feel terribly caught-in-the-middle sometimes. What can we do?

Kristi/Snarktastic said...

We're still here, Richard!

fracturedacetabulum said...

still reading.

Though I don't watch gg and could give two shits about updates on it. I'm interested to see some of your other writings (plays, vignettes, porn, etc).

Gaytheist said...

omg, bring it.

still reading.

oovy said...

Definitely bring it, I just broke my seal on Project Runway. I'm so mad about Kevin!

Koala325 said...

I, too, am still here. (Can you send someone up to fluff up these pillows?) Eagerly awaiting your daily summaries of Nash Bridges on the USA Network.