Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things I Really Like

No matter what you say, I just find this so delightful. It's joyful! Joyful! Even the rap!


leafdot said...

This is the redemptive power of the internet.

Andy 3000 said...


Never saw the movies; never plan to. I'm not religious, but there's something about a big gospel workout that stirs my soul.

It's the power of the massed joyful voices, I think.

Nice post. Quality over quantity.

gaytheist said...

Wait, but doesn't she want all your white babies to die or something though?

Codepink said...

did they win that gospel singing contest? i think that they did.

(i love that scene, too.)

Catherine said...

I watched this entire movie from start to finish on New Year's Day. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

guitarsnob said...

We had this on video.
I would watch this scene over and over.
It was then my mother knew I wouldn't be providing her with grandkids the natural way.